Thursday, October 17, 2013


     Why didn't I go to a meeting today? My therapist recommended it highly, I was psyched to go. I told everyone within an earshot that I will. That's it: while I was telling it to everyone, I already knew that it was not going to happen. 
     The day promised to be slow. Neither I nor Roberta had appointments. I made dinner early and prayed for one hour because there is that relay prayer going on at my church. I don't ask God for the success in witnessing, though. I ask Him/Her for good leaders to emerge in our movement to lead it in a new direction. It's very refreshing to make that effort every Wednesday!
     Before I started a prayer, Asale, a founder of Grandmothers Who Help, called. She wanted to meet me to give me the names of the new contacts to enter into her database. It was tricky to arrange that meeting, because I also had to pick up Sonny from BART, and she was helping at her church with some remodeling.
     I got Sonny at about four o'clock and drove to San Leandro, a town close by. I tried to call and set up a meeting with Asale, but she wouldn't pick up the phone. Before it worked for me to leave her a message, so I did it again and told her that we'll be at a Wendy's near her church to meet her. We already finished our dinner, when she called. She did not hear my message. In fact, she left her church and was half way out of the town at another meeting! We laughed about it. The Russians say: "Men make plans and God laughs." That's for sure!
     Asale was very nice and friendly. Both she and a lady that she was meeting hugged me and air-kissed me on a cheek. They also welcomed Sonny, who helped them once to set up the booth at a street fair. I get more and more proud of my kid: he is a real mensch!
     The day was rolling on and on and I was getting closer and closer to a time when I had to go to that meeting that I mentioned in the beginning. You know how sometimes if you let things sort themselves out and don't stress about a situation, it will sort itself out; things will clear up, like flour sifted through a sieve. By the time I brought Sonny home, I knew that I was not going to that meeting. It might have been good for me, but it was not good for that day. Instead of an easy, relaxed evening with the family, I would've had to gallop to Alameda, fight freeway traffic, possibly get lost and confused. And when I came to a meeting, I'd have to stress about being in front of the people and thinking what they were really thinking about me. I had a good evening. I can smile about it now, and that's a lot to say.

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