Sunday, October 13, 2013


     I read about a man who was born in a forced labor camp. He lived there with his mother and brother. All he knew in his life was the back-breaking work, cruel discipline and the unthinkably inhumane rules that were imposed on people there. They received the minimum of food, just keeping them from keeling over and dying. They were indoctrinated to obey the Communist Party's and the camp's regimes. When the man was young, once his mother stole a little bit of rice, which was punishable by death. She gave it to his brother, and, raised in the 'dog eat dog' atmosphere, the younger brother betrayed his own mother because of his jealousy. She was executed. He continued to live in the camp. Once a new, older prisoner arrived there. He lived on the outside and knew what life could be. For the first time in his life, the young man found out about the larger culture, the soft beds, the plenty of food and unrestricted information. He began to want more. He and the older prisoner decided to escape. The older one was killed by the electrified fence, but the younger man used his comrade's body to get over the fence. He managed to get out of North Korea. He lived in the U.S. when his story became public. He has huge problems with his health, because his body and spirit were for so long abused by the evil regime.
     This is a link to a website of an organization that helps people in North Korea.
     This is my page to help fund-raise for the North Korean refugees. Please share these links and give, give, give!
     I think, the more the world knows and realizes about the situation in such countries as that, the more those countries can be influenced to change the way they treat their people. In the United States we flinch from horrific tales and uncomfortable truths, but the world waits for us to speak up and step to our responsibilities!

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