Tuesday, October 1, 2013


     Remember how Park told my husband, all shining with devotion and emotional sleaze, that he and Roberta don't have any plans to move? Well, she told me in secret that he is getting a lease on a house in Vegas for them. He has a lot of his "Good Ol' Boys' Club" buddies there. I say: "Bon Voyage, don't even think of coming back!" Unfortunately or, maybe, fortunately, Roberta does not want to go there with him. I totally understand her and would 100% support her break from him, but how is she going to stay all alone in that room at night? She gets up at night to go to bathroom, or who knows, why... What if she falls down again? 
     There are a couple of ways to remedy the situation. She could go to the convalescent hospital to get stronger and have some physical therapy and then come home. But will she want to separate from her husband only to end up in a restrictive, depressing environment? We could also hire someone for a little bit of money and a roof over their head to sleep in her room on a mattress. The person could also eat with us. How do we find someone who needs a place to stay, will work for a mere pittance and be a reliable, stable person? I don't know. To be precise, I have an idea, but it may not pan out. 
     I would not want to be the cause of Roberta irrevocably injuring herself. My dad fell down in that room and died from complications of it. Her life is already full of pain. Is it better to be well physically even if you are in an emotionally bad situation? I lean toward thinking that it is. At least she'll be alright! 

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