Sunday, October 27, 2013



  As I sat down and pulled the laptop closer to me to check on my online happenings, Chicken Bone climbed into my arms with a short "Mya!" He is asking for something special for a few days now. Would it be an extra helping of cream in his dish, a snack or a hug, we don't know. He'll take anything he can get! Just now he made himself comfortable sitting on my chest, turned his head this way and that listening to Moonlight Sonata playing on YouTube, tried to meow to it but failed. He licked my hand, small fangs in his mouth reminding me that he is, in fact, an animal, a being with instincts and wants, most of which I can not understand. He then kneaded me for a few seconds. He leaned into my palm, asking for a good scratch. It took a long time of me rubbing and scratching the sides of his face, his little ears and head. Finally, he was satisfied and lay down quietly, me holding him to my chest like a baby. 
     Sylvie, of course, is sulking by the bathroom. It is her chosen mission in life to bring me there. When I don't get her hint that that's where I'm suppose to go, she sits by the bathroom door until I change my mind. Then she nonchalantly would stroll inside in front of me, her back end waddling, like she is saying: "I told you that you should've come here!" 

      Chickie heard Park arrive and knock on Roberta's outside door. He abandoned me without a backward glance and ran into their room to see if he can sneak outside while Park is trying to get in the door. Yesterday, Park suddenly shouted to me: "What's Chicken Bone doing outside?" And really, there he was, strolling around the parking lot, sniffing out all the interesting smells. I was making dinner and my hands were covered in ground chicken (another soft meal for Taka). I saw Park run out of the house like a crazy emu, after Chickie, but couldn't do so myself before washing hands. Then I grabbed a piece of lunch meat and also went outside. Chickie already led gasping Park in hot pursuit once around the house. I smacked my lips a few times and waived lunch meat in the air. Chickie immediately forgot his attempt to run for freedom. He gave a few short meows: "Meh, meh, meeow!!!" - and followed me home, all the while scenting the air to see what kind of treat I was offering to him. 
     Today his plan to run away through Roberta's door was foiled. He was expelled from her room and sat looking at her closed door in hopes that Park will come out and give him a little something to nosh. He was not disappointed!

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