Saturday, October 12, 2013



     There was something drastically wrong. Joon couldn't immediately identify the problem. To begin with, he was used to emerge into the world and feel his own strength and vigor. This time it all felt differently. For some reason, he was just inches away from the floor! He tried to stand up taller, but was able to keep that position for only a minute. Something was appearing in his peripheral vision. He focused and quickly turned to see a … tail! It was attached to him! In a panic he looked himself up and down: he was in a cat's body! If that was not enough, behind him loomed a tall figure. Sonny's face was slack, his eyes empty of all expression. When Joon stepped away, Sonny moved with him, as if he was tied to him by an invisible cord. Joon sat. He forced himself to calm down and think the situation through. It seemed that, somehow, he entered Chicken Bone's body. How? Did someone do it to him on purpose?! It was very disconcerting to feel Sonny stand right next to him all the while. Joon yawned. His little mouth opened wide exposing small sharp fangs and a pink maw. He felt better after that. The small cat thoughts about food and the mouse that lived under a cabinet in the kitchen were intruding on his mind. The desire to meow was overwhelming, and Joon finally gave in to it. Chicken Bone's voice was always tiny, and Joon felt ridiculous to hear himself. 
     When a female cat, Sylvie, came to investigate what all that meowing was about, she felt that it was not Chicken Bone, whom she already detested, in his body. Her demon-kitty nature flared up and she let Joon know, what she thought of the interlopers on her territory. Both of them yowled and whipped their tails, Joon feeling faintly embarrassed to do so, but Sylvie was too long at this kind of battles to know that she could not win. Besides, Sonny's figure hovering and stomping all around them, kind of, spooked her. She swung her paw one last time, hissed, and retreated to Sonny's room, where she closed her eyes and put all that unpleasantness out of her mind.
     Joon heard some noise, like scratching, behind the front door. It seemed that the cat's superior senses were his now. After a while, the door opened and a woman dressed in black entered the house. She smelled terrible, like a dead mole that he once found in the garden. "What? I never found or smelled a dead mole in the garden!" - thought Joon. But he could see now that the woman was in fact a Druscan Witch. Her red rimmed green eyes were scanning the room. Her black lipped mouth was half opened and out of it darted a forked tongue. Joon hissed quietly and noiselessly ran behind the couch. It appeared that there were some advantages to being a cat! 
     Unfortunately, he forgot all about Sonny. The Witch could not miss him trotting behind the couch! She herself hissed. Her eyes began to glow and a sickly green mist surrounded her body. The mist solidified and began to move toward Sonny. Joon could not attack the Witch without bringing his hapless alter ego even closer to her. He jumped on top of a tall kitchen cabinet.

      Sonny's body flew in the air with him. Sonny's head bumped on the ceiling and he hovered inches away from the cabinet's surface! The Witch almost swallowed her forked tongue! The green mist flung back to her and enveloped her completely. She ran out of the door and was never seen again. 
     Joon was very startled by that sudden development. His cat instinct told him to run, and he tried, but Sonny's body bumped into the cabinet and couldn't fit between it and the ceiling. Joon stopped, sat and licked his paw. "Yuck, cat fur!" But licking his paw helped Joon calm down again. He jumped from his perch, Sonny also floating down to the carpet. Joon was so tired! He curled in a ball and fell asleep. Sonny stood over him with his eyes staring mindlessly into space and seeing nothing. 
     After a nap Joon decided to investigate the reason, why he was in this predicament. It took him a long time going and sniffing in every nook and cranny. He didn't find anything, but briefly chased the above mentioned mouse into it's hiding place under the cabinet. Chicken Bone's stomach began to growl and Joon thought that he'd better get out of the cat before he had to discover what the Professional Formula Cat Food tastes like! 
     In the bathroom he was attracted to a spot where Sonny's mom spilt some bleach. Chicken Bone could never resist that smell! He usually began to roll and rub himself in it. With a desperate effort Joon stopped himself from doing just that. What was that other odor obscured by the harsh whiff of bleach? Joon sampled the air with his cat mouth slightly ajar. It tasted like... eucalyptus! Cats hate eucalyptus! Upon tasting the air for a few seconds more, Joon found himself back in Sonny's body. 
     It was very strange to come to while standing in a middle of the bathroom! Sonny didn't remember going there. Chicken Bone rubbed his shins and seemed happy to see him. Was that cat's hair in his mouth? 

     Joon with a Druscan Witch's eye ball in a jar of apple juice. Just kidding, it is Sonny with a grape. In a jar. And apple juice.

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