Wednesday, October 23, 2013


     She lay down on the carpet, not wanting him to pick her up. What was it with that kid, anyway, grabbing her any time the fancy strikes him?! She has the right to say no, doesn't she? So, he is much bigger, so what? Does that give him the right to do what he wants with her? She did tell him to stop; that she was not in a mood for familiarities. It made no difference, whatsoever! He still grabbed her with those huge, almost hairless paws of his, grabbed and squeezed and prevented her from escaping. 
     OK, she should admit that some of his petting and scratching under her chin were not so unpleasant. Why did he stop? And just when she started to like it! 
     Not to appear like she was enjoying his attention, she gave another disapproving growl, that, to her, meant that she will fight him till the day she dies, but to him sounded like a cute murmur. She tried and finally wriggled herself out of his arms. His hands followed her to the floor and tried to entrap her once more. No way! Her back legs struck him quickly, like a bunny's, and deep, red scratches blossomed on his forearm. There! Now he will know that she was a real cat and not a toy for his amusement!

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