Wednesday, October 9, 2013


     I'm trying to learn how to add pictures and videos to my blog. So far, without Sonny's help, I flounder and get really frustrated. When he tries to explain how to use different features or functions of the computer, I look at him with my mouth open. OK. Sometimes, I do it just to annoy him, but more often than not, I really am at sea when it comes to doing something more on my laptop than just checking or writing e-mails or typing the next post of this blog.
     Above is a video of Hanah making miso soup with egg. I am a proud first time video downloader now! By the way, on the background you can hear the usual sounds in our household: the TV is on and Sylvie complains about Sonny grabbing her. It's OK, she usually gets over it as soon as she escapes him. She then comes back and rubs his shins.

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