Saturday, October 5, 2013


     The posturing that's going on in the world makes me sick. Reviving the hostile relationship between the U.S. and Russia? Do we need it? What are we, measuring body parts, or something? Instead of going forward and establishing some semblance of the world for which we all long, we choose to rehash all the old conflicts. Like that's going to make each individual country more prosperous, peaceful or content. 
     Life is hard enough. People suffer enough. Enough is enough! We should put our attention and efforts in the parts of the world that need them, like Sudan or Syria or Columbia. All of us will  eventually feel consequences of drug wars, war wars and the enslavement of our fellow human beings. We can "overcompensate" for our individual "inefficiencies" by saving the world. That will also take care of our individual egos.

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