Thursday, October 10, 2013


       Did you ever see this movie? I was very confused by the whole story and it's characters. The Cheshire Cat is one of the more flabbergasting sorts from that Disney classic. He grins and pretends to be a friend while misleading Alice with his every word. I had a very similar experience with Park a few days ago.
     Since the talk with Taka, he's been quiet. I am doing all the cooking for at least my family and, if she desires, for Roberta. Two days ago Park graced me with his visit in the living room. His smile was very much like the Cheshire Cat's smile, - namely, that of a con-man assuming that everyone is going to buy whatever he is selling. I know that he is deciding when to leave for Las Vegas, yet he continues to assure us that he has no plans to depart. 
     Park apologized to me profusely, saying that he should have respected me as a lady of the house. I succinctly remember him sneering at me when I said exactly the same thing to him. He mocked me then, like he had all the right to degrade me in my own house. Now he suddenly wants me to think that he will be more respectful from now on! 
     He always says one thing and means another. Thank God, I now know better than to trust him. This Alice sees beyond the smiles and party tricks!

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