Saturday, December 28, 2013


     Did you read my story, Shelter? What did you think? I was trying to get an idea for a story and went to a website that gives you prompts for writing. One of those prompts was: your child overturns a Grandfather clock that's been in your family for a long time, and in it's debris you find a letter from your grandfather addressed to you. 
     It seemed like a good idea, but when I began to write, another kind of story took shape. 
jpeg (225×225)     Everything is quiet today. Taka, probably, prompted by a cold shoulder that I turned on him this morning, took us out for breakfast. We went to a place called Frodo Joe's. It's a coffee shop, but one can get some very delicious crepes there, filled with chicken and spinach and other things. 
   jpeg (275×183) 
      Everything would be great, if Taka didn't insist on bating Hanah. That's what it sounded like, although he, probably thought that he was giving her some pointers for making living from her art. She was a little too uncivil toward him too, for my taste. She, perhaps, thinks that she just wants to do art, or that she wants to do what she wants to do without worrying about money. Taka agreed to provide for her, and I thought that he was too generous. At the same time, I would understand if she was more focused on art than on making money. 
jpeg (196×257)
Van Gogh
jpeg (206×245)
Paul Gogan
     I can't stop marveling at artists. We forgive them so much, even if they misbehave badly or refuse to take any steps for securing their own living. Still, it seems that our role, as the recipients of beauty and truth from their works, should be just supporting them. Then, who knows, maybe, if the lot of them had some good guidance, they might have ended up not cutting their ears off or hurt their loved ones or worse. 
jpeg (201×251)
A. Modigliani
     After Frodo Joe's kids and I went shopping and got coffee for Roberta from Starbucks, as she asked. When I brought it to the house, Park was just making lunch for her. He admonished her for drinking too much coffee. The man is ridiculously jealous of anyone who shows her kindness, as if she would end up liking them more than him. 
     I thought that I would go to the pool with Mary today, but she called and cancelled: her family wanted to go to movies instead. I was not disappointed: every time - it's a struggle for me to get a motivation to visit pool; though, once there, - I have a good time. I went for a nap as a substitute for exercise!
images (255×197)jpeg (138×92)     Hanah and I are listening to Ed Sheeran now. I know some of his songs; he seems like a great artist, and I love spending time with my "dora".
     Once, when Hanah and Sony were, like, 14-15, I got them up from sleep (or at least from their bedrooms) at midnight to hear Cindy Lauper's concert. It could've been a case of poor parenting on my part, but we very much enjoyed singing together with her and letting our hair down!
     All in all, being a parent is a scary business, what's with our mistakes having a bad effect on people that we love most, but lately I began to think that, the more we flap our wings, trying to always to do the right thing, the less we are likely to get anywhere. We should just love our families and let life happen!                                                                                          images (241×209)

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