Saturday, December 14, 2013


     Dang it, dang it, dang it! My dad always said that my problem is that I can't swear. I wish now that I could!
     My ankle hurts again! It's the third time in half a year that I get stuck sitting on the couch, while the life is p-a-a-a-ssing me by! Not only that, but pain doesn't let me sleep, so I get up in all kinds of hours and go to the laptop or TV. 
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     I decided to take things proactively. That is, I decided that Sonny will help me take things proactively. Sonny doesn't seem sure that he wants to do it, though! 
     Today I asked Taka to ask Sonny to come and see me from his room. Taka said, pursing his lips, like I asked something unimaginably hard for him to do:
- "Can't you just call him on the phone?"
-  "No, he doesn't pick up!" 
-  "Can't you yell to him?" 
- "No, I did that, but he didn't come!"
     Taka didn't ask if he could do something for me instead of Sonny. He slouched over, depressed about the heavy burden that I inflicted on him, and on the way to his office called Sonny.
By the time disheveled and sleepy Sonny showed up in the living room, I already took care of the things for which I called him.  
- "Sonny, where is my credit card that you used yesterday to order pizza?"
- "I don't know! Didn't I give it back to you?"
     Very tense thirty minutes followed, when we looked for the credit card in all imaginable places. We met in the living room, I - leaning on a cane that I found. No credit card. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
     I plopped on the couch and told Sonny where else to search. He did his best but still couldn't find it. Looked in the car and in Roberta's room, even though there was no logical way how the card could've gotten to those places. 
- "What are we going to do?!" - Sonny's hair was standing on end. He was visibly distressed by this problem.
jpeg (179×281)- "You have to go and tell daddy that we lost the card." I didn't want to say "That you lost the card". That would've been cruel.
     Sonny left. He came back in twenty minutes.
- "Did you tell daddy? How did he take it?"
- "I just went to bathroom and clipped my nails. I was hoping that he will come out while I was gone, and you'll tell him!"
- "S-o-o-o-n-ny!!!"
     My boy slouched just like his dad and went to face the music, although, one can hardly call the nagging that he'd receive music. 
     In a few minutes he was back waiving the card in the air: 
- "Daddy told me that he found the credit card on top of the pizza boxes!"
     I almost kissed the blasted piece of plastic. I needed it to buy some minutes for my phone, and there was no other way to do it. Sonny was elated. He even asked me if I needed something, before he went back to slay monsters. 
jpeg (278×181)
Tumeric has many medicinal properties.
One of them is taking away pain and inflammaton.
- "Yes, actually, I'd like you to help me put some turmeric poultice on my ankle!"
     Sonny's elation evaporated as soon as he heard the word "Yes". His long face became even longer, as I began to describe to him the thing that he needed to do. 
     God bless Sonny and God bless turmeric! It took a lot of pain away, so I began to look at life in a more positive way again. That is, until I need to call Sonny!
Sonny is wrestling with Sylvie whom he picked up,
but who hates to be held by him.
Hope, he can keep her from scratching his face off!

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