Saturday, December 7, 2013


jpeg (272×185)     I allowed myself to fall apart today. Well, not completely, I did go to get my labs done for the Weight Management Program that I will attend from January. I also cooked and cleaned the house. After one o'clock, though, I could not push myself any longer. I took a long nap, waking up to a su-u-u-per loud lecture to which Taka was listening in the bedroom (it doubles as his office). 
     I swallowed my irritation at him playing something so noisily while I was sleeping. After all, I was, probably, snoring, and he needed to hear the stuff for his work. It was time to get up, any way. 
     Roberta has been snuggling in her room and bed alone the whole day. Park went to some church where he will lead a choir. I asked her, if she was hungry. She looked at me with those big, blue, sad eyes and said in a trembling voice: "Yes, a little!" Talking about being codependent! She could go to the kitchen and get something to eat. The refrigerator is not chained shut! I like serving her, but she needs to be more proactive and use her mind and body, otherwise they will wither away!
images (259×194)     So, I made her a lunch and we talked a bit. Her room is nice and toasty-warm, as are all bedrooms, but the rest of the house is cold. Soon she wanted to go back to her cozy bed. I didn't blame her!
     Sonny popped up suddenly from his room where he was slaying monsters all day (in video games). He, finally, got hungry. I swear, the kid eats once in every few days! Unless I buy him restaurant food. I know, it's a bad habit!
     Today he had some of his own money and decided to order pizza to be delivered to the house. It's a pure waste of money, but - it's his money, I can't do anything about it! (except eat the pizza). 
jpeg (261×193)     Chickie has been bugging everyone. We thought, it was because he craved the people's food. He tried to open the pizza boxes that were standing on the table and, when that didn't work (I yell really loudly), he attempted to throw one box off the table. That got him expelled from the kitchen to Sonny's room.                                                   jpeg (255×198)          Sonny let him out in a while, and Chickie came back to the living room, sat in the middle of the rug (my mom, probably, turned over in her grave: it used to be her rug!) and threw up. Then he went to the litter box and made a little pile outside of it! May be he is bothering us because some inner problem in his body is bothering him? 
     No matter, it is Sonny's job to deal with such calamities, since I just look at the mess and throw up myself. He just finished cleaning up Chickie's up-chuck, so a thought of the other problem  was not welcome at all! He procrastinated for a long time, then went to the laundry room, where the litter box is. 
     After a short time I heard him exclaim: "Really, Chikie, really?! No, no, don't do it! OH-OH-OH!!!"
     All was quiet. Sonny showed up, pale and shaken, and told me what happened.
jpeg (200×200)
     He put litter on top of Chickie's pile to let it absorb some liquid and proceeded to clean out the litter box first. Chickie came, sniffed at the pile and first began to dig trough it, occasionally scratching at the dryer with his dirty paw. He then carefully positioned himself over the pile and, despite Sonny's desperate pleas, added a bit more to

it! Well, he was conditioned, after all, to poop on the litter! 
     That took care, I think, of Chickie's turmoil. He retired to Sonny's room for a well deserved nap. As for the rest of us, we are still trying to keep the pizza down!


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