Sunday, December 29, 2013


jpeg (259×195)     Br-r-r! Water was cold in the pool! We braved it for forty five minutes, then a lady got in and began to swim in the same lane. I mean, there was no one in the pool except us! She could go in any other lane and enjoy unimpeded swimming, but she chose to move almost under the rope separating our lane from another, gliding with impeccable style and grace, spraying us every time she passed us on her way to and fro! Mary and I finally had enough and left the pool. In all honesty, it was enough anyway! 
images (245×206)     Mary lost 17 lbs. on Weight Management Program. She tells me, she is not hungry at all and enjoys easier movement, as well as an idea that she is well on her way to better health. She bemoaned the fact that, at her weight, it's hard for people to see when she loses 17 lbs., but I thought, I could tell that she did, because her (ahem!) bum became smaller a little bit. She discounted my revelation, saying that I am just trying to be nice to her, but I definitely saw an improvement!
     It's Sunday, in the morning Taka, prompted by his, once in three months or so, religiosity, took kids to church. I was making pies to give as gifts to some of my friends, although, when it came to thinking of who those friends are, that I should give gifts to, only two or three people came to mind. I took my sweet time in the morning: made pies, cooled them, took shower, got Roberta to dress up and went with her to church. 
     We arrived right after our pastor finished his sermon. I gave away pies, we got our coffees and sat socializing with some acquaintances in the cafeteria. Park went to a Korean church today, he is still not back at 9 pm in the evening.
     In the afternoon I remembered that today Mary and I had a plan to go to pool. It took some persuading of myself, but I made it there, and that's what you read in the beginning of this post.
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     We went for a cup of coffee after the pool. Sonny and Hanah called me then and asked if we could get some burritos. At eight o'clock at night, we sat at the table (we brought the burritos home) and chewed our delicious fare. Burritos are (if you don't already know it) meat, fresh veges, beans and rice wrapped in Mexican flat bread - tortillas. One can add other things there, like salsa (spicy tomato, onion and cilantro sauce), guacamole (avocado and  onion paste, cheese). Roberta already turned off her lights, but at my invitation, joined us for dinner. I quickly made a tea for her cough from ginger, lemon and lots of honey.images (280×180) 
I hope, she will not have a stomach ache from eating late. Park will eat me alive for that!

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