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Now at night I spend hours, sifting trough the journals from the trunk. My parents taught me some science and math, but it is not nearly enough to understand, what all the formulas and language in the journals mean, and what it all means for our community and families.
     When I came upon a series of diaries bound together by a rubber band, I thought that my task will get easier. It did. Joon, my great-grandfather, wrote in it every day. The events leading to my progenitors' leaving the U.S. and coming here became clear at last. But what I read in the yellowed pages deprived me of sleep and peace of mind for many years to come.
     Joon and his wife, Anita, were geneticists. Prior to the global warfare, they worked on cloning vegetables and raised their family. As one country after another became involved in a conflict, Joon and Anita had to face some tough choices imposed on them by the military. They were offered an opportunity  to create super-soldiers by using their science. They refused. 
     They lost their jobs, but as they wondered, how they were going to feed their boys, a certain organization contacted them. It seems, their struggle to stay true to their principles didn't go unnoticed. They were given a chance to work in safety for the survival of mankind 
     The war raged on. Many years passed until my ancestors were able to find a solution to the loss of human life. They isolated a gene that was responsible for amplifying human conscience. If enhanced, that gene's influence could lead to all sides stopping the hostilities and resuming peace.
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     Joon and Anita were not able to achieve results in their work. They became hunted fugitives from the intelligence services of many countries. Things in the world were also going badly. When a threat of the nuclear war between the United States and Japan became apparent, Joon and Anita put all their efforts in looking for a place of safety for their family.
     That is how they ended up in Siberia. 

To Be Continued...

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