Friday, December 13, 2013


         I don't have much to say about today. It was a rich day: many good things happened; but it was not my usual dramatic experience.
     Mr. P. says: "We don't need drama; if you want drama, go to the theater". I wouldn't mind going to the theater, but drama is, as they say in these United States, "FUNNER!"
     So, what happened today?
     My sister had an operation, and for a few days I was trying to reach her husband or her in Copenhagen. I had all these dire dreams and foreshadowing, but nothing concrete. This morning I got up at 4 and went straight to the laptop. I tried to Skype her, but nothing happened for a while. Finally, I heard the welcome sound of someone taking the call on the other side, and there she was: her round, smiling face looking at me from the computer screen!

images (300×168)She looked surprisingly good for someone who has undergone a major operation three days ago. She also doesn't have much pain due to the laporascopic technic that they used (I think, that's how you call the surgery that a doctor does by using a robot hands through just a few small cuts in the body). Lera, my sister, told me of how they have a special table for that surgery: it's a kind of an air-mattress that is blown up all around a patient so that it takes the shape of a patient's body. Amazing! 
     Lera is about the same size as I. She was wondering, how the heck the doctors or nurses managed to get her off the operating table and unto her bed. I suggested that, they, perhaps, blew some helium into the mattress and just floated her in the air to her bed. It's a very good idea, don't you think?
     Lera had a hysterectomy in order to get rid of the growth that the doctors found in her uterus. They were not sure of the cancerous nature of it, so now she needs to wait for biopsy results. 
     I was very happy to find out that my sister is alright. Today's Friday, I had a couple of appointments with Roberta and one for myself - with Mr. P. Before I left though, my cousin, Lily, called.
     She lives on the East Coast. Lily and her husband are comfortably retired and alternate their residences between New York and Miami. Lily wanted to know what's happening with Lera, but after I assured her of Lera's feeling well, our conversation turned to other things.
     If you read my stories about my dad's family, you remember Lev, my father's brother. He was the one who had a baby with a Russian housekeeper when he was 16. I really worried about how my cousins, his children, will react if they read that about their own dad. It turned out that they never even knew this fact about him! Lily was saying that, of course, a baby is a baby, and, if you think about it, they just realized that they had a sister in the past, but it was too bad that she died in infancy. 
     She and I talked and talked. She recently managed to find out, where our family came from in Poland. The place is called: Siedlce. Hard to say it! It's something, though: may be we still have relatives there! If you are from Poland and know anything about Siedlce or my relatives, I would be thrilled to hear it!
data=VLHX1wd2Cgu8wR6jwyh-km8JBWAkEzU4,kpjZB9-t3UJAkJa1FdSCK5HZ68KFDQR_MvldYGqSDJPgh9uR0IBvPtZdCqH5xQlLBimb21erRr3tnXoRIFXFwKEiigRFw8YBwAt5y-34E_6ZwdBXKW24BJq8rRuIHgdrfN11TUFgdi45TAafSXlu7h8AihmM-qEi1gVyyy9N2sAPCHvaHydolxJ1i3CU3pjeaB1Q3v3a (454×160)
The map of Poland where Siedlce is

     I left and met with Mr. P. in a wonderful state of mind. Not only was my sister OK (we are not going to think about the biopsy yet, we'll think about it tomorrow!), but I also heard from my cousin and found out my family's roots! 
     How did my meeting with Mr. P. go? It was very productive, as they usually are. We talked about the Myers Briggs personality test that I recently took. Mr. P. was excited to tell me that I was a champion, a promoter, a performer and a teacher. In fact, people like I comprise only 2% of the world's population! Wow, I told them that I was special! Just kidding...
     We also talked about the fact that I am spoiling my kids. I need to, and it's Mr. P.'s expression: "Sour the milk!" In other words, I need to push them to be more self-reliant and grown ups. I will, I will... Soon. 
     When I came home, I called Sonny over and tried to talk to him about the fact that during this Christmas time there should be plenty of jobs available for him. He replied that he did think about it. He then decided that it was too late in a season to get a job. Well, my dear, you are going to have to think about it again!  
     As I re-read my post, I realize that there was a lot of drama today. It was a rich day in a way of the family ties and things that really matter. 

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