Thursday, December 5, 2013


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Another meeting. If you followed my blog, you'd know that Mr. P. created another group of Al Anon from his clients, mostly. Last night we met at a restaurant in Alameda. I picked up Doris and together we went to fetch Theresa and Whitney. Whitney said that her car's battery needed to be charged, which meant to her that we had to take her little sedan. All of us became concerned, though, that, after she turns it off and it sits waiting for us for two hours, it might not start again, and we'll all be stranded far from home. Finally, Theresa rode in a car with Whitney and Doris and I drove together. 
     It turned out to be a wise decision, because just as the meeting got under way, Whitney's son called and said that he left his important notebook in her car. She had to leave, and we thanked our lucky stars for having good intuition!
     There were quite a few people at the meeting, but not enough to make it impersonal. We sat around a table in a large booth. One man had a birthday and brought a big cake to celebrate it with all of us. The manager of the restaurant found one candle which we lit and sang an enthusiastic: "Happy Birthday!" 
     The reading and sharing went well, I think, everyone felt that it was a new beginning. The feeling of camaraderie was there, even though some of us didn't know each other.
images (225×224)     Today Doris and I met at a Mexican cafe in her little town near where I live (to you it, probably, seems like I go from one eating establishment to another).  The reason for it, besides just wanting to spend time with a friend, was that Sveta, the mother of the Little Red Headed Monster, is about to have a baby, and we want to give her a baby shower. I imagine, this tradition does not exist in other countries than the U.S., so I'll explain (if you know what it is, bear with me, please!). 
     Before a lady who is in an interesting condition (pregnant) gives birth to her first child, her women-friends and relatives organize a small party for her, where she gets pampered, humiliated (many don't enjoy    images (248×203)    the close attention that a guest of honor  experiences at such a gathering). They also get many gifts for a baby and a new mom. 
     This is Sveta's third child, so you might ask, why do we bother? The answer: she never had a baby shower before a-a-and could use some community support. I just hope that we are not going to be too late; she is about to have that baby very soon!

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