Tuesday, December 31, 2013


     It's almost here! Watch out, you might miss it! The New 2014 year is rolling toward us, and there is no way to stop it!
     I'm having a very different New Year's Eve. I went to meet an acquaintance who wished to talk about my attitude toward the church. Doris and I made a pact to go together, although he invited only me. "It's a date!" - he said. Well that was creepy enough (we are both married) for me to get a friend to go together!
     I still am not sure of the real reason, why he wanted to meet. I am much more disillusioned in our movement than he is, we didn't discuss any steps to revive the community of mutual support that we envisioned when we joined it, even though we all criticized the way things are. Maybe, he just needed a sympathetic ear for a little while...
     So, instead of cleaning the house (please don't judge!), preparing a New Year's banquet or just taking care of my family, I spent hours talking.
     Actually, before I went I made some food for my kids, husband and Roberta (Park was on one of his mystery trips) and baked more pies. I thought to give pies to Doris and David (the acquaintance), but they were still too hot  by the time I had to leave. I brought them to a church New Year's celebration in the evening instead.
     The thing in the evening was supposed to be some new-fangled way to build and unite our community. They didn't count on our lack of desire to build and unite. As we arrived to the church parking lot at 4 pm, there were only a few pre-teens organizing some team-building activities. There were almost no adults, no food and, what was more important for Roberta and Taka, - NO COFFEE ANYWHERE! Taka announced that we should just go to Starbucks and await the time of the potluck dinner. None of us disagreed! We had some discussion in the car, whether we should come back to the church at all, but our collective consciences won.
     We went almost all the way home to find a Starbucks, although there is one on almost every corner in our city. As it turned out, it was a good thing, because after we all had a drink and a pastry (Roberta treated all of us), Taka decided to go home, get another car and bring it also to the church, so that he would be able to escape earlier. We did that. When we arrived to the church next time, it was packed, and the parking lot was packed too!
     Somehow, even though we just partook of some pastries at Starbucks, all of the adults were starving again when dinner started. There wasn't so much variety of foods, but we watched newly arriving families with their foil covered containers like hawks and kept sampling more and more dishes. As the result, I became so sleepy from eating too much good food that there was no doubt in my mind that I will fall asleep either at an entertainment part of the evening or while driving home after it. I thought it would be prudent to just forget the entertainment and go home right away, which we did.
     Now I am fighting drowsiness while finishing this post. I neeeeeeeeeed sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppppp-zzzzzzzzzzzz...................................

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