Friday, December 27, 2013


Roberta and Park

      Are you as tired of the whole Park situation? Well, not as much as I am!
      Something is obviously eating at him, so he lashes out at everyone of whom he is not afraid. This morning I went to check Roberta's blood pressure, which I do about an hour after she eats breakfast. Park opened the door and said that she is sleeping. I went away and started doing something else. He came out and declared that we need to discuss some changes that he wants us to make.
- "You need to come at the same time each morning to check BP (blood pressure). Otherwise she falls asleep."
- "OK, are you going to come out every morning at the same time to eat breakfast? Because the time of BP checking depends on how long before it she ate."
- "No, we talked! She needs to do everything according to a schedule!"
- "She is 80 years old. As far as I'm concerned, she can do whatever she wants, whenever she wants!"
- "We are not gonna be like your family! Your family is disorganized!"
- "I don't care, what you think about my family."\
     His color deepened, the voice volume went up and his stubby finger pointed at me vehemently:
- "You will see! We'll move!"Finger-animated.gif (150×151)
- "I don't mind."
- "She is my wife, not yours!"
     After telling me that, I think that I am a doctor and know everything, the small man ran away, unable to keep up a conversation where only he was upset.
images (194×259)

   I realize that the attempt at organizing me is, actually, an attempt to control me and everything around Park. He even apologizes in order to control the way people respond to him and not out of genuine regrets. 
   Roberta came out ten minutes later and asked, if the dust settled. I replied: "Yes it did. On him!"

   Her next question took me by surprise:
- "How do we get him out of here?"

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