Wednesday, December 25, 2013


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And so, Christmas is over... Not the thankfulness for the years of peace and the presence of my loved ones near me. But the celebration of Hanah's arrival at the table, the sampling of the various pies that were, for some reason, our dinner, and the opening and seeing of presents. It is all done! Children melted away to their rooms to try on the new clothes and share their impressions. Park told Roberta that it was time to go, - and she went. Taka and I stayed in the living room, he - still looking in wonder at one of his gifts: an ice scraper for the car with a warm glove attached to it. I thought that it was perfect for him: the winter is coming; but the look on his face is too incredulous for me to believe that he likes it. 
     Hanah and Sonny didn't think of giving anything to Taka and myself. I am not being greedy - it just would be nice to have them give a thought to doing something for their parents! Hanah, with an abashed face, brought me back a small chocolate that I put in her gift bag. That was it. 
images (268×188)    Is it good that I don't care much and only observe this behavior as an afterthought? I am too used to the kids not keeping it in their minds, to thank us for everything that they have. It is not OK, I know it! 
     One year I gave them $20 the day before Christmas and told them to buy presents at a 99c store for the adults in the family with that money. They did a good job. After that year - nothing.
     I don't know why I am ruminating on this right now. I was happy just a few minutes ago. I am still happy, but the realization that many, many things in this family have to change, weighs heavily on my mind. 
     May be the reason why God allows bad things to happen to His/Her children is that, otherwise we would become oblivious to how much we are given and only think of how to get more, like my kids who have been treasured and hovered over their whole life. That is something: this realization!

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