Thursday, December 5, 2013


     My sister Skyped."What's new?" - she asked, even though we talked just the day before. I repeated everything that we already discussed some hours ago and struggled to find what to talk about next. She needs support. I can't imagine, what she is going through trying to get used to the idea of battling cancer again. How bitter her thoughts must be!
     Her husband, Grisha, cares for her very much. I expected him to go to pieces at the news of impending operation and chemotherapy that Lera has to undergo, but he seems too cheerful! Is it for her sake or is he giddy with the knowledge of impending difficulties?
     My one prayer is that she will call on her Higher Power to help her deal with the sickness. How much better her and Grisha's existence  would be with the awareness that something bigger than themselves is involved in every detail of their lives and cares for their eternal happiness! Pray for them, would you?
Lera and Grisha at her Birthday

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