Wednesday, December 25, 2013


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 Santa Claus? He is coming? Who the heck cares! Hanah is coming! She is on the bus already! She bought a ticket online, but had no place to print it out: the libraries are closed, the Greyhound Transit Station is closed. She showed the bus driver her ticket confirmation number and, she says, he took pity on her. 
     I am happy! My dad used to tell me how, after 5 years away from my sister, he and mom went to Copenhagen to visit her. As soon as the plane touched down, mom began to loudly ask a question - to no one in particular, just into the ether (she had a thick accent): "Where's my dora (daughter)? Where's my dora?!" I always laughed at that story, until I got a "dora" of my own. You can ask my son, I often give in to the longing for her, forget my inhibitions and question the universe: "Where's my dora?!"
     Perhaps, the universe takes into consideration that, that girl, Hanah, is not lost or forgotten, that someone cares for her, and keeps her out of trouble! I would like to believe that!
jpeg (225×225)jpeg (259×194)     Now the presents are wrapped (I did not drag everyone out of their warm beds this morning to see who's got what. I'm letting life happen today). The pecan pie was bought yesterday (a concession to Taka's preference: we don't like it too much), a Charlotte pie is made, a Shepherd's Pie is in the making (oh, my goodness, we have just pies today, don't we?). At four we'll go meet her at the Greyhound Bus Station in Oakland. My dora!

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