Tuesday, December 24, 2013


     The next morning, the family woke up to Sonny's dads' incessant stomping around and yelling: "What the heck happened to our internet?!" As they checked their computers and gadgets, one by one they realized that nothing worked. Among the general distress (a vacation without any internet access seemed impossible to face), Joon was watching Hanah as a hawk. As ePocalypsa realized, what happened, she freaked out! The family was stunned to hear Hanah throw things and furniture in her room against the walls and scream at the top of her voice. Her mother poked her head in the door. Hanah growled at her! Her dad stopped his rooting in the computer cables and also came to see, what was wrong. She slammed a door in his face. Both parents stood by Hanah's room and tried to call her to reason. All was in vein.
     After his fight with the Descements, Joon realized that the way to defeat ePocalypsa was to deprive her of the internet access, like he deprived the Descements of the air. It took some doing, but now the internet was off.    
     "I will destroy you, you, miserable do-gooder!" - ePocalypsa roared. When she emerged from the room, everyone fell back: she looked hideous! Her eyes were yellow and bulged in their sockets, the hair stood straight on her head and she seemed to have more teeth than a human should. His parents were astonished to see Sonny face Hanah and threaten her! She lunged at him! He threw her over his head and turned to her again. Without the internet on around her she seemed to be weaker. ePocalypsa tried to claw Sonny's/Joon's face, amid her parents' horrified screams, but he easily slapped her hands away. Then a sly look came into her eyes. She ran to the kitchen grabbed a knife and turned it to herself                                . bth_gifpal-20130331192938_zpsa2ef909e.gif (280×210)
- "What're you gonna do now, huh? Do you want to see Hanah's guts all over this carpet? Get the internet back on, or I'll finish her!"
     Sonny's mother fainted away. Her dad stood frozen in terror. Joons' hand, faster than a Colombian Bollivar's tongue, lashed out and slapped ePo on the face so hard that she fell to the floor unconscious. 
     Sonny's dad and mom looked at him in amazement. "Where did you learn to fight like this?" - they asked, but he also gazed from his hand to his sister's prostrate body in confusion: "I guess, I don't know my own strength! Look what the lack of the internet did to her!"
     The ambulance came and took Hanah to the hospital, where she was under doctor's observation for a few days. Joon watched, but there were no signs that ePocalypsa was still around. Hanah went home soon. There was no WWW available in the whole city block where they lived, Joon made sure of that.

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