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     I am looking out of the window at my boys chopping wood in front of the house. At least, that is what they are supposed to do! Dular is chasing the goat across the yard and Amur, his elder brother, who should be more mature, is rolling in the grass, laughing at his younger sibling's antics.
     Two ordinary boys. One - 10, another - 12 years old. I never noticed anything different about them, except, may be, unusual kindness and an ability to elicit the same response from anyone: human or animal alike. 
     Yes, I read it in the diaries: Joon and Anita continued their work long after they came to Siberia. They enhanced their consciences; that's how they were able to earn sympathy and help of the Evenks. They enhanced their children's consciences. The diaries said, with each generation, the strength to follow ones' principles and getting others to do the same should grow. In fact, by Joon's calculations, my children should be able to trigger that kind of a response by only touching another person!
     Dular caught the goat and the two of them are now running into and bumping each other. The goat ended up rubbing against Dular and bleating ecstatically. Amur is smiling widely at a scene in front of him. 
images (303×166)     Somewhere in the world soldiers expend their lives defending interests of the greedy corporations. There aren't any governments anymore: all the power is concentrated in the hands of the global conglomerates. Decisions to use chemical or nuclear weaponry belong to them, and they don't hesitate to employ any means necessary to achieve desired goals. The only way to survive is to retreat to a hamlet like ours, protected by miles and miles of the impenetrable forest. But sooner or later, the distraction and violent death will come here too. 
     My boys have it in them to stop all that. With a touch. All I need to do is, expose them to the world immeasurably crueler than anything they have ever experienced before. I don't know if I can do it!

To Be Continued... may be!

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