Saturday, July 27, 2013


     I just remembered that I didn't tell you about Roberta's new adventure. It always happens at night with her. This time it was about 2 o'clock in the morning. I heard her room's door open and turned to look, expecting Dr. Park to come out and check up on me. Instead, Roberta's  ruffled, white head poked around the corner. 
- "Roberta, honey, what do you need?" - I asked. 
She fleeted down the ramp.
-  "I, I don't know.." - she replied. 
- "Roberta, you are asleep, go back to bed!" - I insisted". 
- "I am not asleep. I had a dream and tore my clothes!" 
She picked up the bottom of her pajamas shirt and looked at the buttons. They were intact.
-  "I tore my clothes, and they are coming!" - she kept saying.
 - "Who is coming?" 
She couldn't find an answer for that. I talked very softly, again trying to convince her:
- "Go to sleep, you are tired!"
- "Alright" - she said - "But you wake me up when they come!"
And I, not knowing, what to say, I answered:
- "OK, I will!"

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