Sunday, July 21, 2013


     An easy day.. I'm dealing with Sonny and Taka. And with my laptop! The thing decided that I don't need to use my e-mail function or do a crossword puzzle. The AOL and the L.A. Times (for the crossword) sites froze. Actually, I could do a puzzle until I answered about one third of the questions, and then - Bam! It would drop the crossword into some galactic wormhole. Finally, Sonny figured out how to fix the problem. By then, I did the first part of the puzzle about four times.
     Taka works at the company that makes medical equipment, that can show three-D images. Like, if you take an x-ray, that equipment will transform it so that a doctor can see all around the organs in question. For half a year we have known that that company will lay people off sometime soon. Taka found a new job, though. Actually, its an old-new job. He had it and left it two times. Once, he needed to finish his four-year degree, and the second time - they laid him off. Now they took him back! He'll start working there in August.         Tomorrow he still goes to the present job, and they will have a pot-luck lunch. Do you know what it means? OK, I'll explain!
     About ten people work in his unit. Tomorrow, everyone of them will bring a dish from home, for others to try. That's what the pot-luck means.
     I made a Shepherd's Pie for that occasion. Do you know, what THAT means? OK, I'll explain..
     You fry the ground meat (whatever you like). Add some small size vegetables, like peas or pieces of celery and onion and mushrooms (that is how I like it). You make mashed potatoes. The meat  goes on the bottom of a baking dish and you put in something to make that mixture thicker (the canned mushroom soup is perfect for that, or you might use flour and water to thicken it). Put the potatoes on top of meat, smooth them and spread some flavorful cheese on them (too much cheese is not good, the dish becomes too rich). Bake in the oven, or broil until the cheese melts and becomes a little brown. It takes time, but the result is very delicious. 

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