Saturday, July 6, 2013


Hmm, I didn't do too badly with this blog. I just re-read the latest installments. It would've been nice to hear, what you all think about it, but, I understand, you have your reasons for keeping your opinions to yourselves! 
     For at least a year, a lady-friend of mine, who is also a church member and is from Russia, brings me her little girl to baby-sit while she takes a class. Suffice it to say, we affectionately call the kid, "a red-headed monster". She is four years old, has red ringlets all over her head and a temperament to match Mussolini! Fortunately, she is also cute as a button. One can't help but forgive her the lack of niceties. This is, kind of, like keeping cats: in the city they rarely catch mice or do anything else to earn living, but we love and treasure them anyway, even when they misbehave and give us a hard time. 
     Katya (the monster) learned to tolerate me. Now, as soon as she comes into my house, she takes off her socks and stands on her head (probably, to get the right perspective). She loves to watch children's programs on TV, but I noticed that she gets listless and cranky if I let her watch too much. Instead, we make breakfast for Roberta. Katya helps me pour the water in the pot, stir in the oats and raisins (a large portion of them disappears into her mouth). Then we make coffee. She insists to take part in every step of the preparation. When her mother comes, Katya refuses to go home, but usually gives in with the promise to see a new kitten. 

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