Saturday, July 6, 2013


     Remember the little red headed monster? Her mom invited us to her house yesterday! I, of course, had to make a big deal out of it. In the morning I brought Roberta to the beauty salon (wash and set!) and had a plan to go get something to bring with us to the Sapunov's (the family that invited us). Instead, I hightailed it to the clothes' shop, to get something fresh to wear. Nothing looked good. The dresses were all either stupidly made or old-fashioned. I just bought a scarf to put over my casual black dress.
     We bought some treats and a small orchid and set off to the Sapunov's.  The father of the family worked that day, but we were met by the red monster's older brother. The seven year old strawberry blond (blond with the reddish overtones) boy led us into the house and immediately pulled out the photo albums. He proceeded to show us the pictures, as we settled around the small living room. Sveta, the mother, was bustling about the kitchen and urging us to get comfortable. Hee Young (the boy) smiled, but took his mission to entertain us very seriously. That drew the little red monster out from her hiding. Katya couldn't let him have all the lime-light! She insinuated herself between her brother and the photo albums and, from then on, was the focus of the conversation. I always feel that Hee Young needs more attention than he gets, so I tried to keep talking to him. He already lost the upper front teeth, and has bumps there, where the new teeth are getting ready to come out. In other words, you can't think of a better charmer. 
     Another player in that scene was an orange kitten. Katya had him in her one hand when she showed up. The kitten hung like a limp doll from Katya's pudgy fist. I, hurriedly, freed him from her, but noticed a flea in his fuzz and, even more hurriedly, let him go. In the course of our visit I saw Katya toss him, squeeze him, bump his head on things and, once, shove his head into her mouth. The kitten was absolutely unharmed by rough handling. Hurrah for the hardiness of cats!

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