Sunday, July 14, 2013


Remember that phone call I received from Taka a few years ago about there being kittens in our yard? Today he called me and said: "There are turkeys in our yard!" I replied: "Don't bring them in the house!" When we came, we crowded by the  glass backdoor into the yard. At first we saw nothing. Then, from behind the tall daises a small, elegant head of a bird appeared and went down again. Some turkeys I saw around these parts, foraging on the empty lots, were bigger, with long, fanned black feathers. This one is lean and tall, gray colored, with long neck. Behind her four chicks followed in order, pecking something out of the grass. We stood with our mouths slightly opened, watching the birds and wondering, how the heck they got into the yard. Dr. Park suggested catching and cooking them, but we emphatically shook our heads: "No!" "C'mon," he said - "lets just catch a small one, it'll be tender and tasty!"

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