Wednesday, July 3, 2013


     Since the moment that I came out of the bedroom today, the cats have been hounding me. Chickie's been trying every kind of meow in his vocabulary to tell me something. Sylvie's been nudging my arm with her soft plushy head and licking my elbow (tickles a lot!). I was quite busy and only got annoyed at their persistence. Taka, my husband came and sat down next to me during my short breather period, when I do my crossword puzzle and relax. He asked me to call the bank. I started to do so, the cats still vying for my attention and the robo-voices in the telephone trying my patience. Finally, it turned out that the bank agent wanted to talk to Taka, and I went through all that for nothing! I felt by that time like everybody at the house were hanging on my ears, pulling me in different directions to do their bidding. 
     Dr. Park, who has been buzzing around like a fly, came out of his and Roberta's bedroom and began to unravel the vacuum cord, throwing dirty looks at his sleeping wife. Knowing what will follow, I tried to interfere and tell him that Roberta didn't need to get up yet, her appointment was an hour and a half away. That didn't make any impression on him. The vacuum roared, Roberta woke up and was immediately in a bad mood. A couple of shrill words from her, and Dr. Park also began throwing a tantrum. What a morning!

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