Saturday, July 13, 2013


Another phone call from Hanah:
- "Hullo, you should order me a pizza!" 
-"I should order you a pizza?"
- "Yeah, you just go online, find the pizzeria in Arcata (where she lives) and order the pizza!"
I began to waver. Why not? She is, probably, very hungry, and there is, probably, nothing to eat in the house.
She heard my thoughts!
- "I am eating dry Cheerios, because there is no milk!"
- "Why is there no milk?"
- "Because I only ate Cheerios all day, and the milk is gone!"
- "Why don't you get me the phone number of the pizzeria and tell me what to get you?"
- "Why can't you do it?!"
That's it, I hate it, when she needs something, and I have to jump and do it.
- "No, you go online, get the information and I'll call them and order for you!"
I didn't back down this time. But I bought her a pizza. Does that count as good parenting or not?

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