Tuesday, July 16, 2013


     I started a new book. After writing all about my family's history, I felt not empty, but emptied out. It was a pleasant feeling, like I accomplished something that I was supposed to do. Like after scratching the itch (not a very elegant example). When I tried to think of  something else to write, nothing came to mind. Until...What about Taka's family? Sure, its a daunting project. I know very little about Japan and it's history or reality. I don't even know the names of Taka's grandparents or other relatives. But that subject seems to be close to me.
     When I asked Taka about it, instead of giving a smart-alecky, vague answers, like he usually does, he became caught up in telling me about his family. I know that I am on the right path just because of that! We talked about asking his sister to do a little research, send us some names and facts, and I'll do the rest.
     Yesterday, I wrote the beginning.

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