Saturday, July 20, 2013


     And so they came.. 
     The whole morning people worked. Sonny cleaned, I shopped, Dr. Park fought and won the right to cook everything alone in the kitchen. Mary was coming for lunch. I had an idea to also call Victoria and watch an old movie together. 
     Victoria mentioned that she never saw the end of the Charade. I recorded it on DVR.  This was the perfect opportunity to see it together..
     We had a Teriyaki pork-roast and boiled potatoes. Like they say in Russia: "Everyone respects a potato, when you mash it with some salt!" We also had some asparagus. Mary brought a cheesecake and I bought some other sweets. Victoria came late because she was at work and didn't bring anything. No surprise there. Mary brought some flowers for me and Victoria, as well. It was very nice of her!
     The movie was great. Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant rarely disappoint. Before we started, Hanah called, and I had to tell her that I'll call back. Since I saw that movie many times, as the others started to watch it, I went into the bathroom with the phone and called Hanah. The old story: she already spent the money that we painstakingly gathered for her, and now needs some more. Unfortunately, we have no cash now. Asking us to send her money is like trying to squeeze blood from a stone. I told Hanah that we'll see if we can scrounge something up and went back to my friends.
     To tell you that I was too full after eating lunch and the cheesecake is not enough. I was stuffed! The only thing I could do with food is to put it on top of my head! After the movie ended, first Victoria and then Mary left. We decided to start a movie club: to meet every couple of weeks and see something good. I love it!

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