Wednesday, July 10, 2013


 The blasted Chicken Bone is looking for trouble all morning. Sylvie considers it her duty to accompany us to the bathroom. She walks in and immediately drops on a mat in front of the toilet bowl and rolls over. I told you about it! Today, she took me in, properly greeted me and. at that moment, Chickie dropped down from the shelf where he was hiding. I don't know, if he thought it through. Surprising Sylvie can be a risky business! For a moment or two, the cats froze in place, and then she jumped him! Chickie didn't even try to defend himself. He just cowered by the door, throwing pitiful looks at me: "Are you done? Can you please let me out?!" 
     Both cats were right on my heels as I came out into the dining room. They meowed and rubbed themselves on every surface. I checked their food and water bowls: they were full. Chickie kept a steady monologue going about something. I went and sat down at the computer. In a few minutes, Sonny showed up. It is a miracle in itself: Sonny - awake and up so early in the morning! He looked peeved, though. He took some cat food and put it into one of the bowls. "They had food" - I said. ""Yeah, but Chickie's been walking on me and talking non-stop" - Sonny replied. Sylvie was the first one to sample, what's in the bowl. Chickie came from behind her and innocently started sniffing at her tail. This time she got him right on the nose!. He dropped down and began to roll over and over. Some think, this is the sign of submission. I don't think so. That's the way that he teases Sylvie. He kept moving closer and closer to her, reaching with one long leg, making her madder and madder. 

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