Thursday, July 11, 2013


Taka's lips quivered: "It took me a few months to get it to grow. I worked on it so hard: planted and watered and divided the new growths and replanted them. Now almost all of them are gone! Dr. Park pulled them out and planted the American Nightshade!" 
The tragedy happened this morning. Taka went out to the garden and saw that Dr. Park pulled almost all of the Alfalfa and used the space to plant the American Nightshade. Why would he do that? Because he is a stubborn man! They say, "Little knowledge is a dangerous thing". With plants its a real warning. Dr. Park keeps bringing the stuff he picks up in the garden and in the woods. He makes soup and Kimchi with that. Recently, he gave Roberta and I some little black berries, ranting about their wonderful health benefits. We ate, Taka didn't. He went and looked up that plant online. It was the American Nightshade, the cousin of the Deadly Nightshade, aptly named for it's poisonous properties. Having one of those plants on our property was not enough, Dr. Park got rid of, what he thought were, weeds (Taka's treasured Alfalfa) and planted a few more bushes of the Am. Nightshade. I'm sorry to to laugh about it, while Taka is feeling so frustrated. Its just, both of them have such difficulty hearing other people, and their super-active lifestyle is a constant judgement for me, the ultimate couch-potato. But sometimes, I guess, its good to delay acting on an impulse, and take some sweet time thinking about the whole situation!

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