Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Chicken Bone loves bags. Today, Sonny came up from behind and put a paper bag over Chickie's head. Chickie sat still for a full minute, then carefully pushed the bag off. He then entered it, sniffed around and laid down with his head facing out. He looked very satisfied, like he was saying: "I have something new!" Sylvie appeared nearby and watched him jealously. Sonny picked the bag up and put it up-right, with Chikie still in it. The reaction was very interesting: Chickie sat in the bag and kept looking all around, like he was expecting us to pick him up and take him somewhere. Sylvie couldn't stand that, she walked to the bag and rubbed it until it fell down, and Chickie jumped out. Roberta was enjoying the cats' show. She began to fling her rubber string in front of Chickie. He is string-crazy. Between trying to catch the elusive prey and running for cover into the bag and out again, he got so wiped out that he lay like a dead cat later, under Roberta's wheelchair!

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