Friday, July 26, 2013


     Last night, Taka asked Sonny: "Do you want to go to the store to get some snacks? `You drive!" Sonny mimed the terror that he felt at the prospect of driving far and in the gathering dark. He went, though. In about fifteen minutes, I remembered something else for them to buy and called Taka's cell phone. He was parked by the store, waiting for Sonny to shop. But when I told him what I wanted, he replied: "I have to rest now!" There was something in his voice that made me just quietly hang up. 
     When he and Sonny came back, I asked, how the driving went. Taka said, visibly trembling: "Well, it was a good start..." I questioned Sonny later. He didn't seem to understand, what was the matter: "I swerved once, and then there was that thing about me forgetting to let the car going straight go first, and I turned in front of it. That's all!"

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