Monday, July 15, 2013


     I asked my friend, Mary, if it was "good parenting" to buy Hanah that pizza. She replied: "Good parenting is that space between giving them everything and giving them nothing. You did well." I don't know, what she said. Do you? 
     Today, I'm on the phone. So far, I spent one hour trying to reach somebody in the payroll unit. Everywhere I call, the recording says: "You have reached the .... We are sorry, we can't answer your call right now. Press 1 to leave a message.:" I press 1: "The voice mail box is full, we can't get any more messages. Try again!" My frustration will have to come out somewhere. I wonder, who is going to be the recipient of my wrath? 
     Dr. Park's family flew into the Bay Area for some event. We asked him many times, if he is going to see them. The answer each time was "NO". Today, he spent a couple of hours in the bathroom, preening. When he came out, he declared that his family WANTS TO SEE HIM, and he is going to San Jose to meet them. We scrambled to make arrangements for the car for him. He came back out and said that the meeting is tomorrow and, since there'll be no car available. he won't go. I'm getting fed up with that man! Like they say in Russia, he has "Sem pyatnits na nedele", or, to translate, he has seven Fridays in one week. What does that mean? It means that he is a flake, and changes his mind every two minutes!

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