Friday, July 12, 2013


I couldn't believe that I heard that. Hanah called! My lovely girl called! We talked for close to an hour. She just woke up and, I guess, her conscience didn't get muddied yet, so she called. She told me that she's been helping at the Humboldt University Theater, by designing and executing the costumes. Wow! I didn't finish even one of my sewing projects in my life! How did that happen? I'm so proud of her! Of course, she is not getting paid for her work, but you can't put price on experience, right? 
     Did I ever tell you about the house where she and her roommates live? Its very cheap - for a reason. The dishwasher keeps breaking down, and under the dishwasher live mice and rats. The kids put some bread on the kitchen floor and sat in the living room watching the unfurling action, Two mice came, tore the bread in pieces. Some more of their family members ran out to help them bring the food under the dishwasher. That's not the worst of it. The weather in that area is so wet that the mold grows fast everywhere. The whole house is covered in it. The walls, the books, the carpet - everything! Hanah and her friends each have a de-humidifier to combat the mold. I tried to convince her to move out, but all other houses are at least twice as expensive. They prefer to get sick instead of paying more. 
     Today Hanah told me that now they have two hound dogs living in the house! At least they are the short-haired breed, so the mold won't grow on them! 
     I asked Hanah, what she would like me to send her in a care-package. You know, usually, parents send cookies and such. She told me: "My 20 lb bag of rice is empty! Could you send me some more?" I wonder, how much it would cost to send a 20 lb parcel?!

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