Saturday, July 13, 2013


     Dr. Park was happy this morning. "Roberta is getting better, doesn't talk in her sleep anymore, laughed with me last night!" As I came to the breakfast table, though, I could see that she was not in good condition. She sat with her back and head bent, her face gathered in a tight miserable scowl. She did not respond to my careful questions about the reasons, why she didn't feel well. I tried to make her happy by putting some raspberries on her plate, but she told me to take them off, she didn't want them. At Dr. Park's worried questions she sharply told him to leave her be. I hope, she is just tired, he got her up a little earlier than usual. 
     The plan yesterday was, to take my car for the maintenance and use that opportunity to escape from the house and Dr. Park. It didn't work, because he wanted Roberta to go with him to the doctor. After the appointment she was too tired to go out. I took Sonny instead, We repaired the car, had a nice lunch and talked and took care of some other errands. Today, a friend asked me to come to her house. Maybe, Roberta is feeling jealous? Left out? The problem is that its not easy to get away from Dr. Park, he is jealous himself, and, anyway, sometimes I want to talk to my friends without Roberta. Uh-oh, danger ahead!

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