Friday, July 5, 2013


     The day AFTER the declaration of independence. How many of us woke up in "the dawn's early light" in cold sweat, thinking, "What have I done?" Life is scary without the familiar purpose in it . We have to learn  new ways of thinking, talking and walking. Although, I can think of many ways that my old habits (the good ones!) can be helpful, no matter what I do. For example, I can do with a little more "do or die" spirit, or devise the opportunities to have fun while doing what's necessary.  
     I raised my kids for at least eighteen years, until they declared their independence. Not independence from Mommy's money, mind you, but the emotional parting of the ways. It is hard for me. I don't have my built-in buddies anymore. Even when Hanah was home, she and her brother sat in their rooms and watched and listened to the things that they liked on their laptops, MP3 players and Ipodss. I always knew that the technology will be the end of it all! But how do they feel, I wonder, upon the cold realization that now its all up to them? Ha-ha, not so brave now, my dearies!
     Just kidding. I want them to become their own people. I admire Hanah for her ability to do what she thinks is right, even if her friends and mother don't agree. Good luck, kids, don't wait until the centennial celebration of your independence to call me!

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