Monday, July 29, 2013


     I am waiting for 1 o'clock, to go for a driving lesson with Sonny. We did it yesterday too. I made Sonny drive to one store to buy kitty-litter and - to another to buy cat food. It started by Sonny being nervous and doubtful about his driving abilities and with me being optimistic and encouraging him. Sonny is getting better and better every day, but, I'm afraid, his dad and I are losing years off our life span teaching him to drive.
      Last night, I spent the time in the car with Sonny pumping the non-existent break on the passenger side and grabbing on to the ceiling and every other surface, when Sonny failed to start slowing down in time to avoid the collision with the cars in front of us. For some reason, I sing the Russian song about a crow hovering over a wounded soldier every time my kid drives: "Chorniy voron, chtozh ti vyoshsya..." Sonny says to me: "I think, I know, what you are singing. I resent  that!" But I can't help that! Anyway, the lesson ended with me being a nervous wreck and doubtful about Sonny's driving abilities and with him feeling optimistic and encouraging!

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