Wednesday, July 17, 2013


     I sat staring at the new post page for a long time. What to write about? The cats? The lodgers? The kids or the husband? The past acquaintances or experiences? 
     Sonny made cookies for Hanah. I was supposed to buy some other stuff to send together with the cookies, but after the trip to the doctor and the horrible meal at the dim sum restaurant, I was completely wiped out. Dr. Park volunteered to go to the post office to ship the cookies. Hanah will just have to wait 'til she comes home, to get the other stuff. 
     Yesterday, we had two huge vultures in our backyard. Their wings were at least a meter long! Each! I guess, Goldie is doing a good job ridding our garden of moles. She didn't eat the one that she killed earlier. But today she didn't want to eat the food that we sat out for her, either. I saw her slinking in the grass, busily sniffing at everything, but ignoring the food ball. 

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