Wednesday, July 24, 2013


     Sonny got a Learner's Permit to drive! He had it for a couple of years before, but couldn't make himself go for a Driver's Licence. For some reason, he feels so nervous driving that he avoids practicing as much as he can. Taka made him promise that, this time, he'll get a licence by the middle of August. Something tells me that I'll have a lot to write about during this month!
     How can two kids be so different? Since Hanah was fourteen, she begged me to let her drive around our apartment building's large parking lot. When we moved to the house and Hanah was seventeen, one day, she wanted me to bring her to her friend's home. I refused, because it was already too late in the day. She kept bugging me to take her there. Finally, she said: "Then I'll just take the car and go myself!" I replied: "If you want to do something stupid, then go ahead!" We went over the same entreaties and reasons for refusal a few times, and then Hanah went to her room. After a while, Taka came out, looked out of the window and asked: "Where is the Toyota?" 
The car was gone, and so was Hanah. 
     Now, I have good kids. They don't give me any trouble, they are well behaved and - not bad students. How many of their brat, evil friends took  their parents' cars and went driving without even a Learner's Permit?! I couldn't believe it. Taka and I jumped into the van and went to the friend's house. Sure enough, by the side of the road there stood our Toyota. At least, she got there safely. Taka didn't trust himself to talk with Hanah at that moment. He just took the Toyota back to our house. I was left to deal with Hanah. 
     When I suggest to Sonny: "Want to drive?", he, usually, replies: "Want to die?" I must admit, I felt proud of Hanah, just a little bit, when she took action to remedy her situation!


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