Sunday, July 14, 2013


     We had quite a day! A lot of laughter, turkeys in the backyard and little cats coming and going for their next meal. I would see the tops of the orange or white ears behind the stair outside. I'd call Dr. Park and say: "Dr. Park, your girlfriend is here for you!" He'd go and bring the food for her in his palm. Unfortunately, he is too eager and scares the cats by coming too fast to the door and yelling too loudly. 
     Taka went out and looked around. He found a dead mole (Goldie is hunting again) and that the turkeys ate all the blackberries. There were about forty of them (blackberries), - our first harvest. He just waited for them to grow a tiny bit more. The turkeys ate them all, except for the smallest ones. They left the blackberries for the next time.

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