Tuesday, July 2, 2013


     Goldie came again just now. This time, she came right up to the glass door and stared into the living room. She seems to have put on some weight, and now looks even cuter. I told Sonny to give her some food, but, instead, Sonny picked up Chickie and threw him towards the door. Goldie lost her nerve and ran. Chickie gave us a dirty look and jumped on the couch. After I called Sonny a 'MEAN, MEAN MAN!", he went out and put some food in Goldie's bowl. 
     Now Chikie is sitting on the couch, his for-paws resting on the couch's arm, trying to regain some degree of dignity. Goldie finished eating and now is sitting with her back to the glass and licking herself, putting as much disdain into every lick as she can. Sylvie is watching her from inside and ruffles her fur and wrinkling her pretty nose. 
     I already published the latest post, when a white cat showed up and went right for the food. I wonder, did the word get out that we are feeding the strays?

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