Saturday, November 30, 2013


     Now that I spectacularly failed the opportunity to have a talk with Taka, I was of two minds. I gave a thought to how I can repay him for being unapproachable and blowing me off. Then I gave in to my realization that it was my fault that it happened this way. He didn't have a motivation to act any different, because I didn't give him a reason to do so. 
     This morning started well. I was dreaming that we were in the kitchen. I was walking around, serving breakfast to Roberta, when my dad said: "I guess I have to ask someone to feed me!" I jumped and began to make him oatmeal...My dad! 
Yep, that's him!

     It was good to see him, specially because he is dead! I wanted to laugh and to cry, instead I woke up
 - "Toyoda-san, Dina, come quick, we have a big problem!" 
- "What's the matter, Dr. Park?!"
- "No, come quick!"
Taka went first, I had to still get dressed. By the time I ran out of the bedroom, Taka was coming back with an annoyed look on his face.
- "What happened?" - I asked
- "Nothing! Go make sure he stays out of the way!"
     Outside of the house, on a usually quiet Saturday morning, was a pandemonium. Three huge trucks growled and puffed on both sides of the street. At least ten men in yellow workers' jackets milled about, and Park hopped around in their midst like a mad rooster.
images (183×275)     - "You have to tell them! They should've called us first!" The words were shooting out of his mouth. He was really mad.
- "Dr. Park, leave it alone, let us talk with them. Please, keep out of it!"
- "Yeah, go tell them! They should've called us first!"
images (266×190)     What the problem was, I couldn't see. The workers were there to clear out the tree that fell to our side from the neighbor's property. I found the boss, asked him some important questions and went back home. Later on, I came out to tell them to be careful not to damage or cut our own trees, but they did it anyway. The nectarine sapling that we planted in my dad's memory was cut in two. Maybe, that's why he decided to visit me this morning!
     Park kept on huffing and puffing. When his phone rang, he tried to force it on me to talk to Patrick S. 
- "Here," - he said - "Just explain the situation to him!"
     By that time I was really fed up with him. Patrick had nothing to do with any situation that concerned our household! I waived Park away, and he went off telling Patrick what happened. I should've taken that chance to thank Patrick for repairing my van's back door, but Park's interference prevented me from thinking rationally. 
     All the while, I tried to think of what to do about Taka. I treated him nicely and, when he came out to the kitchen, hugged him and told him that I was sorry for getting mad last night. 
     The rest of the day went normally. Roberta and I were going to a salon to do our hair. Park got jealous and said that he'll go with us and then take Roberta for a picnic in a park. It was quite a departure from our plan, since Roberta decided to go to a salon to get away from him, but we complied. We took separate cars and left.
images (200×138)images (225×225)     The salon was very crowded. Park had to wait for more than two hours until we were done, and then Roberta declared that she was too tired to go to a picnic. I can only imagine what kind of frustration he felt!

Little Hanah is having ice-cream with her grandpa.

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