Wednesday, November 27, 2013

images (262×192)      Some people on Facebook were talking about Obama deciding to close the Vatican consulate. I don't know all the details, but it seems that with some common sense to guide us, we should be able to iron out technical difficulties, unless, of course, they are not technical difficulties but difficulties of the heart.
b9dc15e2b0123d936412c3eb76c16961.jpg (600×700)     It's in the heart where resentment and pain create a nest for hatred. We, humans, are a funny species. On the one hand, we want and seek love and togetherness most of all in our lives. On the other hand, we allow the most artificial and silly things prevent us from finding that love and togetherness. What could be a reason for the United States and Vatican to dislike each other? Is it a reason big enough to put in danger the spiritual lives of the Catholics, when they begin to harbor resentment because the U.S. is, allegedly, persecuting Vatican? I had an elderly teacher once who liked to repeat: "Complaint and dissatisfaction are poison for your spirit self". No matter how just our rationale is to hate someone or for grumbling, those things first hurt us and then - others. 
     Today I tried to find a picture to give me focus while I was praying. I lately began to do it to stop my mind from wondering. The one that attracted my attention was: "Keep calm and call on Jesus." We respect calm and centered people, don't we? We desire ourselves to be cool in the most dire of the circumstances. The hotheadedness brings nothing but grief. "Keep calm and call on Jesus."
     Some of you might not believe in Jesus. I hope that I didn't scare you away. The common sense is so hard to come by and to follow. We are all human beings. If we believe in anything bigger than ourselves, even in serving and upholding our families and communities, we need to have that in mind before we make rash decisions and go to war with each other. And if we believe in a loving and merciful God, isn't it a reason to show with our own behavior to our brothers and sisters of the Earth examples of His benevolence? 
     Keep calm and believe. Keep calm and smile. Keep calm and love.  

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