Saturday, November 2, 2013


     Yesterday was a bad day for Roberta. From the time that she woke up, she had a stomach ache and nausea. Still, she had a breakfast. I was going to give her some anti-nausea medication, but Sonny had to leave earlier than usual, so I hoped that her stomach would settle without the meds. 
     When I came back, much later that day, Park informed me that Roberta did an overthrow!
What came to my mind immediately, was a picture of 80 years old, frail Roberta, pushing her walker and waving a poster with revolutionary slogans, stopping only to shake her fists in the air and shout for the overthrow of a government! 
     I only guessed what Park meant because I knew how Roberta felt in the morning. She threw up while I was out. Far from the picture of a revolutionary in my mind, she slept since then and until about 4 p.m. She woke up. I checked on her and made sure that she was comfortable. In the evening she wanted me to make her some oatmeal with raisins. Sonny and I went to Safeway to buy oatmeal and raisins and Roberta had the meal that she wanted.

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