Friday, November 8, 2013


     What do you think the words: "God Box" mean? I was quite dubious when I heard them from Mr. P.'s, my therapist's, other clients. For a few weeks I delayed doing what Mr. P. suggested: putting messages into a box, like if offering them to God. 
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     I wasn't sure, what kind of messages I should offer to God. The idea of delegating a box (some even decorate it!) to such abstract idea seemed ridiculous. What do I put there? Complaints? To tell the truth, lately, I feel that I have decidedly less complaints. Taka's been behaving, trying his best to be considerate and kindly. 
                                                       jpeg (107×144)Of course, his best is there only once in a while, but it's more than ever!
     I have more energy than ever too! Either because of going to the pool or for some other reason (not the least of them is seeing Mr. P.), I feel happier and more willing to walk and to work. 
     So what do I put there?
                                                                     jpeg (181×133)       
     Today I asked Mr. P. that. He took a notepad and on the bottom of a page wrote a number of wishes: for Dina to have good influence on Sonny; for Taka being less angry; for Dina and Taka to talk more, for Hanah to communicate with Dina, etc. He then tore a strip of this writing off the page and tore each wish off. Here they were: my messages for "God Box"! I was very happy at that moment, like something wonderful was about to start happening in my life! 

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