Saturday, November 2, 2013


     Ever heard of the 'hemp oil'? For me marijuana is a reason for jokes, although I did once or twice have a heated discussion with Sonny about it. Until two days ago there was just a tiny doubt in my mind that it is a thing to avoid and pray that your children will avoid. Now Taka and I bought a lot of the hemp oil. 
     I'm afraid to tell you, why. I will wait until or - if - I know for sure. It's just too terrible to think that it might be true...
Anyway, instead let's talk about marijuana  and hemp. Every year the U.S. government and, I bet, every other government (except where they kill people for using drugs) spend enormous amounts of money trying to stop growth, dealing and using of marijuana. Enormous! I thought it was justified until two days ago. Now I don't know, what to think. 
     I saw a program about it. They said that the whole reputation of marijuana as a 'devil drug' came from a campaign started by the lumber selling companies, because they were concerned that there would be a competition for the territory from the marijuana growing companies. Is it true? I don't know! Sounds like "big business", though!

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     The same program talked about marijuana or just some of it's properties being a cure for cancer and a vehicle for other medications, like pain killers or the ones for nausea to be absorbed by the body much faster than on their own. 
     Recently, I tried to help a theater group that was doing a production about a research into marijuana as cancer cure raise money. Do you remember it? I asked you all for help too! I'm glad that I stepped away from my preconceptions to do so! I am still not 100% sure that all this information is true. Perhaps, you should research it for yourself.

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